WIN €500: 10 Millionth Hand

Win a share of €500:
play the 10 millionth hand!

Switch Poker is reaching its 10,000,000th hand milestone and wants to reward the lucky players that play the hand!

To win you just need to be take part in the 10,000,000th hand.

The €500 bonus will be shared equally among all the players that contribute to the pot.

So if the players will be 2 they will get €250 each, if they will be 4 they will get €125 each and so on…

So what are you waiting for? Play on Switch Poker to win!

 The hands number is just below the table’s name

Please note:

  • If the 10 millionth hand is a play money hand, then the next real money hand played will be used instead.
  • Only players who contribute to the pot will be eligible for a share of the prize
  • The players receiving a share of the €500 bonus will be able to play immediately with their share, but will be able to withdraw it only after generating additional 5,000 SPPs.
Good Luck at the tables!!
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9 Responses to WIN €500: 10 Millionth Hand

  1. martin savidge says:

    Can I have the free 5 euros please

  2. NOCERA says:

    Can i have 5€ free

  3. Federica says:

    Switch poker number one

  4. Federica says:

    Can i have 5 € free my account ASG1910

  5. CorkboyMcCar says:

    Can I have my free e5 pls.

  6. Concetta says:

    Can i have 5€ free thanks support

  7. Mario says:

    Can i have 5€ free my name account _NEXT-EXIT_

  8. FATALHAND says:

    me too! thanks :)

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