Switch Poker Android App

Announcing the Switch Poker Android App.

Try it now: https://www.switchpoker.com/android

Android Poker App

Since October 2010 we have been working hard to give you the opportunity to enjoy playing poker your mobile device from almost everywhere in the world. For Android users, playability will be brought to a new level with the Switch Poker Android App.

Some highlights:

  • First Real Money Poker Android App to allow multi-tabling: Switch Poker Android App allows to see multiple tables on the screen giving players the opportunity to multi-table easier and faster
  • Covers 99% of all Android devices: No Flash required. It is compatible with Android version 1.6 and up and it is suitable for both smallest and largest Android
  • You can register, deposit and play, all within the App 
  • Quick movement between tables using a nifty swipe gesture 

Switch Poker Android

Switch Poker Android


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3 Responses to Switch Poker Android App

  1. FISHNOLL says:

    The app is really great. Well done! Works perfectly!

  2. games for iphone says:

    I do have it in my cell and i am quite satisfied with it. Going perfectly fine.

  3. Iamafish says:

    Great app, it works great.

    Please also include the option to have the screens next to each other on the computer!

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