Refer a friend

This promotion has been replaced with the (much better) Aeroplane promotion.


Know anyone with an iPhone, iPad or iPod?

As an extra incentive for players to get their friends playing at Switch Poker we will now give you €50 for every friend who you refer. There is no limit to the number of friends you can refer. So refer 1 and get €50, refer 10 and get €500.

Oh, and we’ll give each friend that you refer €50 also. So, €50 for you, €50 for them.

Refer a friend instructions

  • You must have a real money account to refer a friend.
  • Tell your friend your screen name.
  • Have your friend enter your screen name when they fill in the deposit registration form.

When your friend deposits and reached 20k SPPs, we’ll credit your accounts with €50 each.

See the website for more details

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