iPhone, iPad & iPod real money poker launched

24 hours ago, for the first time ever, people were able to play poker for real money on their iPhones, iPads and iPod Touches. And play they did.

Having been the number one search result for poker on Google news for much of the day, and being mentioned on hundreds if not thousands of websites yesterday, we had a massive surge in traffic and well over 1000 registrations.

Coming up to the launch of SwitchPoker.com we gave 250 €10 bonuses away. Actually, it hit over 450 uses before we got to the off switch. Oops. But now it’s time for the real give aways to begin!

The first 250 All depositors of €50 or more who enter the bonus code FREEIPOD on their 1st deposit will get a free iPod Touch (RRP €229).

The first 100 All depositors of €150 or more who enter the bonus code FREEIPAD on their 1st deposit will get a free iPad (RRP €499).

ipad poker bonus

Enter the bonus code on your account page

Prizes will be posted once you reach 60k SP points for the iPod and 100k SP points for the iPad. You earn SP points by playing at any of our real money tables. Your up to the minute tally is shown in your account page. The more you play the more points you get. You have a full 6 months from your first deposit to earn the required points.

We recommend getting in early to stake your claim to one of the iPads or iPods.


Edit: This offer is still open.  We will update this post when the iPads/iPods run out.

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2 Responses to iPhone, iPad & iPod real money poker launched

  1. Zsuzsanna says:

    Is the free iPad already iPad2 3G?

  2. Conor says:

    Hi, it will be the base version on the latest iPad. At the moment that is 16GB iPad2 WiFi (not 3G). If a newer version is available by the time you complete the bonus, then you will get that version.

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