€10 Free Bonus – No Deposit Required

Edit (2010-10-08): We hit 250 users pretty early and the 10free4me code is no longer valid. We will publish future bonus codes via Twitter. So follow us if you’d like to be informed.

To kick things off we’re going to give the first 250 players €10 free in chips. To claim your free chips use the bonus code 10free4me when registering for deposits. There is no need to deposit or submit any payment information to avail of the free chips.

Our real money tables are opening on October 8th 2010, so claim your bonus €10 now and have it ready in your account when the tables open. The free €10s won’t last forever so get in quick.

A step by step guide to registering and using the bonus code:

The free €10 can be used at our 1c/2c tables only. To be eligible to withdraw your winnings you must have played 50 raked hands between Friday 8th October and Monday 11th October 2010 and meet our withdrawal criteria. Good luck at the tables.

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  1. Yosi says:

    אם האיתי יכל לאפקיד האיתי מפקיד אני לו יודע איך

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